The Aptera EV is already available to preorder although production of the vehicle has not yet begun. The first models are expected to ship by 2022.

This EV is above all striking with its three-wheel design. In fact, this Aptera is billed as a “solar vehicle” rather than a “car” by its maker. It promises to be one of the world’s most advanced solar electric vehicles and the first of many to come. In terms of aerodynamics, the vehicle stands out with its sleek rounded contours and boasts a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.13. Its design has been optimized to deliver record range.

On the roof, over three square meters of solar cells can be configured to provide up to 45 miles (almost 40km) of range per day, which should be plenty for most drivers. In that case, it wouldn’t even be necessary to recharge the vehicle from one day to the next.

The price of the Aptera vehicle depends on the battery capacity selected, with the firm offering range options of 250 to 1000 miles (400 to 1,600km). Pricing ranges from US$25,900 to $46,900. A deposit of just $100 is required to reserve a model and be sure to stand out on the roads.


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