[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]total of 13 large and striking artworks by some of the most noteworthy artists in the region will be on display at outdoor locations such as Marina Bay Boulevard and outside Fullerton Hotel.

The exhibition, titled Envision, made its debut as part of Singapore Art Week, and will run till April.  Among the 11 participating artists are China’s Gu Wenda, Zhang Huan and Zhan Wang, whose works reach as far as New York and Canada. Singapore’s Kumari Nahappan, whose giant sculptures are already on display around the island, is also involved.

Envision fullerton2
(Click to expand) A map detailing the exhibition trail.

Monumental effort went into some of the exhibits. For example, Gu’s Story of Solar Calendar (below) comprises 24 natural rocks taken from the bottom of the sea, on which Gu inscribed Chinese calligraphy. The heaviest of these weighs 8 tonnes, and the gathering process took 20 years.


On a subject closer to home, Nahappan crafted 50 giant saga seeds for her exhibit Road to Fifty. Painted red to represent love, aggression and passion, they’re made of fibreglass and are on display along Empress Place Lawn.

HR_Kumari-Nahappan_Road-to-Fifty1_credit-iPreciation-1024x682 (1)
 Full details on the exhibition and its installations can be found at  www.ipreciation.com/envision/


(Header image depicts Local Mynas by Singaporean Lim Soo Ngee, at Empress Place Lawn.)