[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]ishing with drones may seem counterintuitive, we know. After all, why add a proxy that removes you from the visceral thrill of tussling with a 25kg king salmon?

That’s not what tech startup PowerVision’s PowerRay drone is about. If anything, it promises to put you closer to the action. The California-based firm crammed high-definition cameras, sonar tech and the ability to transmit visuals and information into a body smaller than a steering wheel.

Owners will thus be able to gawk at schools of fish “up close”, as if they were scuba diving. Data such as water temperature and density of fish are captured via an attachment on the underside of the drone.  Anglers can then choose to deploy a bright light that lures fish to the bait once favourable conditions are met, or when they’re done admiring nature’s handiwork.

The drone can be controlled by a smartphone interface and be used without intent to fish, essentially becoming a “submarine” from which the user can use to explore the depths. Video-recording and photography functions come with the territory.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas earlier in January, the product is in the earliest stages of development, so stay tuned to their website for updates on order information and availability.