It’s been a solid two to three months since most of us have stepped into a gym. Livestreamed fitness classes can only get us so far – especially if we didn’t feel like investing in equipment that might’ve been necessary to keep challenging our bodies. Thankfully, Phase Two has arrived, bringing with it the reopening of our favourite fitness studios and CBD boutique gyms.

While getting your sweat on in an enclosed space (regardless of whether there’s strobe lights or curated workout music) might not seem like a good idea right now, all you need is a few precautions and proper management to get in a perfectly safe workout.

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Just remember that you’re going to have to plan your workout days in advance: more or less every CBD boutique gym, MMA studio or yoga centre have implemented an online booking system since reopening. You’re looking at reduced capacities, with thorough cleaning after every session. Once you’ve factored in doing your part (not coming in if you’re ill, sanitising before and after getting on the mat and social distancing), it shouldn’t be much more dangerous than, say, dining out at your favourite restaurant.

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One final note: those who haven’t been exercising actively throughout the circuit breaker period shouldn’t jump back into the thick of things too quickly. Start slow and expect your first few workouts to be slightly more excruciating than usual.

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Moving on, here’s our pick of Phase Two-ready boutique gyms and CBD fitness studios that have reopened.


Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash.