Cranfield's Formula One Simulator

The cancellation of Formula One Grand Prix 2020 in Singapore no longer has to be a bummer.  Racing simulations are being taken to the next level with Cranfield’s Formula One simulator, where the set up not only looks the part, but it will also make you feel the part.

Made to look like a realistic Formula One cockpit, the simulator promises to faithfully replicate the whole racing experience.  The simulator is formed around a composite single seater chassis made from the actual mold of a F1 sports car, which allows for the user to sit exactly how a professional racer would.  Pedals and the steering wheel also correspond to, and affect the simulation for the user to be able to experience a true to life racetrack with none of the stakes.

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Cranking it up a notch, the simulator also employs the same technology that fighter jet pilots use to train, as well as the same system that Nascar and F1 drivers use to simulate the sensation of racing.  This means that the setup is not simply there to look impressive, but is also purposed to provide a immersive experience of any laser-scanned circuit in the world, right in your living or entertainment space.  Through a series of airbags and actuators, the effects of gravity on corner turns and actual bumps on real-life circuits are recreated.  G-force can also be simulated with this advanced technology, creating a truly authentic race car experience.

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To truly make this your own, many aspects of the “ride” can be customised.  From the simulator’s paint finish, to adjustable pedals, to seats molded to your figure.  You can truly live out your dream of being a Nascar or F1 driver – without the hassle or safety risks.

There are three specifications the static, full-motion or full-motion with G-force options.  The last being the costliest at £129,000 ($232968.72 SGD), given it has the greatest amount of features.