Zillers Garage Motorcycle

Zillers Garage specialises in creating custom projects of beloved motorcycles – two years ago, it brought home the much sought-after AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Their latest project combines BMW’s R Nine T motorcycle with futuristic aluminium cladding for a truly space-age design.

The ferocious cruiser sports an aluminium frame straight out of Dredd (switching out crimson accents for sleeker gunmetal grey), giving the motorcycle an intimidating heft that is as intimidating as it is appealing.

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The modular design of the R Nine T lends itself to customisability, but Zillers Garage’s interpretation of the cruiser leaves one in little doubt that they know what they’re doing: from the robust headlamp clad in armour to the air suspension system that keeps the frame just shy of the ground when standing, maintaining a muted silhouette reminiscent of futuristic vehicles usually confined to the silver screen.

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Zillers Garage Motorcycle 2

Of course, this all comes on top of a powerful R Nine T motorcycle, that’s powered by an air-cooled, two cylinder boxer engine with 1170 cc and 110 hp of output. While it’s no superbike, it’s made for cruising down the highways clad in leather – though this interpretation might be more suited for a race down grungy alleys while hunting replicants.

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The cruiser had been slated for presentation at the Motovesna Motorcycle Show – that since has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Click here to see more of Zillers Garage’s futuristic motorcycle, or here to read more about the R Nine T (there’s even a preview of the engine). Images courtesy of Zillers Garage.