Christmas gifts aren’t just to celebrate of the end of the current year – they’re great as resolution-go-getters for the next. Resolutions including spending more time in the great outdoors, whether it be fishing, hiking or camping. Especially since trips to crowded tourist spots won’t seem like the go-to in 2021 travel. Here’s our pick of the latest and greatest to help get you into the wilderness when – hopefully – Phase 3 kicks in and wild travel gets back on the menu.

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Rolls-Royce – Pursuit Seat

rolls royce pursuit seat

While there’s a lot to be said about the rustic charm of resting on bare log – or dirt – at a campsite, we get that the experience of living rough is something that needs to be eased into at times – especially if you’re bringing along greenhorns. The Rolls-Royce Pursuit seat, in all its handmade-leather glory, can help with that. As with anything associated with the famed British marque, expect the remake of an old favourite to be nothing but the finest materials put together with an unerring level of skill and attention to detail. The fully adjustable Pursuit is supported by a strong, yet lightweight, carbon fibre and polished aluminium frame, and comes with a pocket (for tickets if you’re at an outdoor performance) and torch to help you find your way. A flared aluminium ferrule provides traction on granite or asphalt, while the retractable spike offers similar protection on softer ground. Naturally, the seat is fashioned out of the leather you’d expect from a Rolls, with a variety of bespoke options to match your vehicle of choice.

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Wacaco – Nanopresso


For joe on the go, look no further than the Nanopresso, itself an improvement from the brand’s previous Minipresso. Simply put, it’s an easy-to-use-and-clean expresso machine that’s perfect for an outdoor trip with portability and convenience at the forefront. Measuring in at around 15 cm in height and 336 g carrying weight, the Nanopresso (and some good ol’ elbow grease) manages to pack 261 PSI of pressure against your coffee grounds, ensuring unmatched quality of extraction. After extracting each shot, the portable coffee maker takes seconds to clear – though you could dismantle the components of the portable filter at base camp easily for deep cleaning. If you’re bringing it outdoors, we’d recommend opting for a protective EVA case coupled with an inbuilt fabric interior lining to insulate your source of live-saving coffee from nicks or bumps.

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Vollebak – Solar Charged Puffer

Vollebak’s no stranger to high tech fibres and apparel straight out of a sci-fi fantasy – like their nigh indestructible puffer jacket – so it’s no surprise either that their latest puffer jacket defies the ordinary. A sequel to 2017’s solar charged jacket, this tri-layered puffer’s capable of keeping you warm and toasty up to -40°C. The first arctic white layer keeps wind and water out, while the third layer, built from the same material in parachutes, is there for some sturdiness. It’s the second layer we’d like to bring your attention to though: it’s equipped with a highly sensitive phosphorescent compound that starts glowing as soon as light touches it – so sensitive in fact, that you can ‘write’ on your jacket. It’s more than just a gimmick though. It’d be practically impossible to miss a glowing, radioactive green silhouette during a mountain rescue. You’d have up to 12 hours of charge on it depending on the brightness of your surroundings, though the puffer jacket’s aura fades from green to ghostly white over that duration. The perfect gift then, for an adventurer who can’t seem to hold a map the right way up.

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Goat Box Co – The Goat Hub 70

Though it’s a new entrant into the crowded roto-molder cooler market, the Goat Hub 70 promises more than just keeping your ice cold – though it can do that for up to 10 days. Plenty of time for a camping trip, especially considering its generous 59L capacity for six-packs of beer and steaks aplenty. Goat Box Co’s spin on the formula comes from a quartet of turrets, dubbed Cans, situated on each of The Goat Hub 70’s four corners. They’re useful for carrying some extra kit you’d like to keep handy near your cooler – say, cutlery for instance. Else, you could always opt for some of the themed loadouts from Goat Box Co themselves including first aid, shelter or even condiment-themed Cans.

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Stanley – Master Unbreakable Hip Flask

As a storage company, Stanley stocks a host of practical, hardy gear that’s just as useful in the outdoors as it is for your day-to-day. For something a little less practical, though no less hardy, we’d recommend their cold-rolled stainless-steel hip flask. The ability to transport some liquid courage – and transport it safely – is a valuable asset. Its slim profile lends itself for easy storage (or hiding from thirsty friends), and its sheer durability means that the hip flask will be a trusted companion on many a fishing trip, rain or shine.

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Aged & Ore – Travel Decanter

travel decanter

Keeping in line with beverage-themed outdoor gear, the double-wall-insulated Aged & Ore travel decanter is a bit like a hip flask – but so much more. First off, the hand-blown glass decanter within has a capacity of half a litre, making it perfect for bringing a soiree into the wild. It’s wide-mouthed for easy refills or top-ups with ice, and it comes with a spill-proof metal stopper. You wouldn’t want to lose any of that precious dram after all. To cap it off, the stainless-steel container keeps your hots hot and colds cold and doubles up as insulated tumblers. They even come with pour lines. Thanks to some precision engineering from the Kickstarter-funded product, the glass decanter and stainless-steel container fit very snugly with minimal wiggle room, further bolstering drink security when you need it most. 

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