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These are some of the most gorgeous bookshops in the world

The world's borders might be closed, but our imaginations can still travel.

  • Most Gorgeous Bookshops

    Just Like Poetry

    Sinan Books Poetry Store, Shanghai, China Late last year, the 88-year-old St Nicholas Church was refurbished by Shanghai-based architecture firm Wutopia Labs. While the building wasn’t a church for long and has seen use as an office, residence and canteen, it takes more than a little derring-do to construct a poetry library within a historical site. With a combination of 30 workers, 80 days and a whole lot of steel plates, the former church was transformed into a bookshop that’s home to more than a thousand books.
    “Book shops, once dying because of singularity are being revived because of diversity.”
    Yu Ting, chief architect of Wutopia Labs


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