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Without a doubt, sporting thick, healthy locks is an instant confidence booster. Just as the right dress or perfectly fitted suit can make you feel good, how full your hair looks can do the same. After all, hair loss can affect one’s self-esteem. It could lead to anxiety or a fall in confidence . 

From stress, lifestyle habits, environment to even genetics, all these can play a part in your hair growth cycle, which includes the loss of more hair and hair strands becoming thinner.  

“Stress and unhealthy lifestyles are believed to have contributed to hair issues faced by many young adults,” says Kim Fong, Group Chief Trichologist at hair and scalp care centre Svenson, adding that “healthy hair is a product from a healthy scalp and a balanced diet”. 

Ageing plays an important role as well. As you age, your hair naturally undergoes changes as its life cycle slows down. This results in slower hair growth, hair thinning and even a loss of pigment. In short, that thick, coarse hair of your youth will remain in your memory. 

Fortunately, all is not lost. Svenson’s Filler Advanced II with DEP treatment is the answer to getting your hair healthy, full and thick. 

A holistic solution 

Svenson’s trichologists will be able to provide advice, from nutritional to lifestyle, as well as the use of innovative technologies and scientifically advanced formulations, your hair and scalp worries will stay firmly rooted in the past. (Photo: Svenson)

The secret lies in the combination of clinically proven hair growth peptides and a transdermal action from the DEP Infusion System. Transdermal action refers to an application method where the treatment is applied directly on the skin – in this case, the scalp. 

Svenson’s SP1-Technology and BiCelphin Technology work together to deliver the active ingredients to where they’re needed the most. This, in turn, nourishes the hair roots and promotes healthy hair strands. 

Meanwhile, the DEP is a non-invasive FDA-approved transdermal delivery technology that uses a controlled current device to deliver the treatment directly to the scalp, allowing the active ingredients – both micro and macro molecules of the formula –to be absorbed more efficiently while stimulating the scalp’s microcirculation at the same time. And it does so without damaging the scalp tissue or altering the serum’s ingredients. 

“It is an effective alternative to injections with zero downtime and no wastage from the product,” says Fong, referring to other hair loss treatments where medications are injected directly onto thinning areas on the scalp.

Clinical trials have also shown a 22.7 per cent increase in scalp skin barrier resilience and 21.7 per cent increase in scalp dermal density. This increase in collagen production helps strengthen the hair roots. At the same time, it enhances the absorption of the formulas as the scalp is able to retain moisture better. 

Svenson is so confident in its results that there’s even a Guaranteed Program where you will be entitled to a full refund if you don’t see visible results in 12 weeks. This is a reflection of its dedication in helping you on your hair growth journey. 

At-home care is just as important

For a complete hair care solution, Svenson offers home care kits so that you can continue to maintain the health of your hair and scalp at different phases of your hair growth journey. (Photo: Svenson)

Your journey to healthier, stronger hair doesn’t end after your treatment. 

“Home care is equally important, and using a suitable shampoo for your scalp type is vital to maintain the scalp pH balance,” says Fong. 

To continue the benefits of the Advanced Filler II treatment at home, Svenson offers three 28-day Bespoke Home Growth Kits, each specially curated for different phases of your hair growth journey. 

For thinning hair, the Foundation Care Kit focuses on using Matrix 1-3 ampoules to deal with hair loss. The Restore Care Kit is ideal for post-partum mums or those facing premature hair loss, as it uses Power Peptides Release ampoules to restore hair to its former. And finally, the Nutritive Care Kit helps those suffering from advanced or diffused hair loss through the use of a combination of Matrix 1-3 and Stem-Follicles ampoules. 

More importantly, these kits fit into your lifestyle seamlessly and can be used in the comfort of your own home or in Svenson centres with its advanced machine therapy.

Each kit also comes with the Follicels Recharge Shampoo, Follicels Recharge Lotion and Follicels Thickening Serum for a complete and fuss-free haircare routine. 

Besides a diligent homecare routine that includes shampoos, scalp tonics as well as in-centre treatments, you should also care for your scalp and hair by incorporating a healthy diet and regular exercise. Studies have shown that oxidative stress from harmful free radicals that can be triggered from stress, ageing and environmental factors can affect your hair’s growth cycle

For optimal hair health, it’s also advised to keep chemical treatments to a minimum – avoid bleaching your locks every month, and steer clear of excessive styling with heated tools where possible. And if you do use a curling iron or straightener, use a heat protectant product beforehand. 

A healthy, well-balanced scalp is the foundation for a lush mane, and Svenson has the answer thanks to its 60 years of know-how. With its team of certified trichologists to help provide professional advice, from nutritional to lifestyle, as well as the use of innovative technologies and scientifically advanced formulations, your hair and scalp worries will stay firmly rooted in the past. 

Start your first Svenson’s Filler Advanced II with DEP treatment trial at $68 (U.P. $380), inclusive of a hair care set comprising a 20ml shampoo and 10ml hair growth serum.

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