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A hidden tropical home with wabi-sabi aesthetics

This house reflects the nature-loving sensibilities of the homeowners, and their environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

A site once fraught with challenges has been transformed into a tropical home designed to celebrate the natural beauty of the materials used and reflect the environmentally-conscious lifestyle of the homeowners.

Its proximity to Windsor Nature Park was one of the main reasons that drew the nature-loving couple to this estate located off Venus Drive. After returning from a four-year stint overseas, this seemed like the perfect location to build their home – one that was “modern and understated, and which blended in with the natural surroundings”.

The site conditions, however, were far from ideal. An existing drain cut through the rear of the property and there was a steep slope at the back of the house. The neighbour’s boundary wall also encroached on the plot.

Thankfully, Edmund Ng of Edmund Ng Architects managed to overcome all the technical challenges. With the original house demolished, the drainage diverted, the boundary issue resolved and the slope backfilled, construction proceeded without a hitch and the new house was completed in just 10 months.


  • HnD_Hidden-Oasis_Edmund-Ng-01
    While little is visible from the outside, the inside is awe-inspiring. The owners’ son has nicknamed their home Tardis, after the police box-designed time machine that serves as a portal to an infinite number of rooms and dimensions in the British sci-fi TV series Dr Who.


The new owners moved in in September 2017. While many would lament the narrow frontage of the triangular plot surrounded by neighbouring houses on all three sides, this suits the homeowners well: “We value privacy and the configuration allows the creation of hidden family spaces within a home nestled among the neighbouring houses instead of towering over them.”


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This article first appeared in Home & Decor.