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Natural tones of wood-based furniture like those from Danish brand Fritz Hansen’s Skagerak Collection, which is exclusively available at W.Atelier, make every part of your home feel warm and welcoming. Photo: Fritz Hansen

Sustainability is a topic on everyone’s lips, especially so for homeowners who care for the environment. Opting for an eco-friendly interior designer is not quite enough – one must follow through with energy-efficient appliances and even sustainably sourced furnishings.

Thankfully in Singapore, these are easy asks. For the latter, one such brand that embodies this quality is Skagerak Collection by Fritz Hansen. Originally established in 1976, Skagerak prides itself as a brand with high-quality furniture that embodies the Nordic design ethos of simplicity, minimalism and functionality. In December 2021, the firm was acquired by Fritz Hansen, bringing two pioneering Danish furniture design brands together as one company.

It is not just about being at the forefront of modern sustainable furniture production. The brand also ensures it walks the talk, by being Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified since 2003, part of the United Nations Global Compact Act since 2010, and having earned its B Corp certification in 2017.

Skagerak W Atelier Riveira Lounge
The multifunctional Riviera Lounge has an expandable width, enabling it to serve as a chair and table, a sofa, or a sunbed. (Photo: Fritz Hansen)

The Skagerak Collection’s quality-to-price ratio, timeless designs and seamless integration into popular Scandi and Japandi interior design settings resonate well with Singaporeans, notes Mr Daniel Magg, general manager of W.Atelier. The furniture purveyor now carries this collection by Fritz Hansen.

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Bringing warm wood tones into the home, the FSC-certified teak used in the Skagerak Collection is primarily sourced from Indonesia, Brazil and Costa Rica. Its oak furniture uses FSC-certified wood from Germany, Croatia and Slovenia.

Beautifying the great outdoors

Those with backyard or balcony space can also look to the brand for stylish outdoor furniture, such as the Pelagus range of tables, armchairs and sunbeds. The tables are upgradeable with an extension plate, the chairs easily stackable, and the sunbed moveable with wheels.

Thoughtfully designed with rounded edges, the Pelagus Table comfortably seats up to eight people and is perfect for a gathering on your patio. Photo: (Photo: Fritz Hansen)

Apart from rounded edges, another way to soften the corners and sides of hardwood furniture is with plush cushions – even in an outdoor setting.

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Designed by Danish design studio Says Who, Skagerak Collection’s Virkelyst brings with it the seating comfort of indoor furniture yet is rugged enough to withstand the elements. Its sustainable Oeko-Tex upholstery fabrics are not only resistant to fading, but also do a great job in repelling water, dirt and even mildew.

To ensure outdoor wooden pieces last longer in humid Singapore, the Fritz Hansen team recommends cleaning them at least once a year to remove algae and dirt. This will also help the wood age gracefully.

A Fritz Hansen spokesperson explains: “As our teak furniture is untreated, the surface will patinate over time and eventually turn into a beautiful silvery grey. This beautifully patinated look does not affect the durability or quality of your furniture.

“If you wish to preserve or intensify the original honey-golden colour, use a suitable furniture oil on a regular basis. No matter what you choose, the wood will be resistant to everyday wind and weather thanks to the high content of natural oils.”

Creating joyful sunkissed spaces

In tropical Singapore, the sun can be both a bane and a boon. To get the most out of these delightful rays – whether as natural lighting or to enhance an al fresco area – the right furniture can play a big role.

The two horizontal planks that form the Plank bench’s backrest can be used as a shelf for flower pots or a lantern at night to create the perfect ambience. (Photo: Fritz Hansen)

Crafted from FSC-certified teak with wooden planks as its focus, the understated simplicity of Skagerak Collection’s Plank belies its playful undertones. Multiple tables can be joined without interrupting the rhythm of the elegant wood pattern; the top ridge of Plank’s seating solutions is flat and wide enough to serve as a temporary table.

Details matter, too. Beyond playing with light and shadows to transform a space, often overlooked are the accessories that complement these statement furniture pieces. For instance, the type of serving tray you use might influence your overall aesthetic.

Inspired by traditional Japanese trays for serving confectionery, the No 10 trays not only perform their duties, but they also nestle inside each other for optimal storage. These play up the whole Zen-like atmosphere when offering hot green tea and dainty treats at an intimate gathering.

Functional with a secure grip, the Fionia Tray inspires confidence when carrying larger servings. (Photo: Fritz Hansen)

Switch to the larger and deeper Fionia Tray when playing host to a party. This classic design comes with a grip that is carved into the ends of the tray. This way, the contents are secure even while rushing from end-to-end within your compound.

Elevating common spaces

Blending Nordic aesthetics and Japanese minimalism, Skagerak Collection’s iconic Cutter range, which has benches, mini wardrobes and mirrors, is ideal for the hallway in space-challenged Singapore homes.

With its angular lines, the Cutter series is greatly inspired by the German Bauhaus movement. (Photo: Fritz Hansen)

Inspired by the German Bauhaus movement, Cutter’s slatted design adds strength and dimension to the everyday objects. The hallway comes to life with the Cutter Wardrobe, an all-in-one solution from which blazers, shirts and coats can hang, yet is also a solid shelf for hats and boxes.

Pair this with the Cutter Bench, a common gathering point for the family as everyone sits down to put on their shoes or simply as a place for you to pause and reflect.

The Georg range of functional furnishings and accessories is also perfect for any Singapore home. One of the bestsellers is the slender Georg stool, a stylish-yet-compact seating solution.

The Georg Jubilee stool is a special design for the 40th anniversary of the Skagerak brand, which has since been incorporated into the Fritz Hansen stable. (Photo: Fritz Hansen)

The Jubilee version, designed to celebrate Skagerak’s 40th anniversary, is made with untreated FSC-certified oak, known for its clear, light grains and sturdiness.

The cushion topper, attached with a dainty braided leather strap, is made of rare aniline leather from a Swedish tannery called Tarnsjo.

Excited to see homeowners incorporating Skagerak Collection into their homes, W.Atelier’s Mr Magg says: “We hope that the combination of excellent and sustainable Nordic design combined with an attractive price point for both the indoor and outdoor range will motivate people to consider the brand. Its wide range of accessories are also both decorative and functional.”

Head to the Fritz Hansen Lounge at #13-08, Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road, to experience the Skagerak Collection. 

For more information, visit the W.Atelier website.

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