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The Peak’s guide to setting up your home office

Creating a home workspace with furniture that lets you flourish, and where constraints are taboo.

Now that most of us are working from home at some point or another, it’s time to invest in your home office or study. The best part? There’s no one around to judge how best you work – here’s our guide to the stylish and functional ways you can furnish your workspace, from mid-century modern armchairs to high tech, futuristic lighting that will ensure you stay inspired.

Not just office chairs: sit – or lie – any way you want while working 

The best thing about being home is you can sprawl on a bean bag, or prop yourself up in bed – all while working. And, if you need a new designer chair to inspire you, well, no one’s stopping you either.

  • WFH office chairs

    Serie Up 2000: Up5_6 armchair

    Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia

    This iconic armchair is modelled after the female form, with the ottoman attached to it as a symbol of a woman with a ball and chain. The Italian designer wanted to convey the idea that women are “unwilling prisoners of their own making”, and it was ahead of its time when created in 1969. Just last year, an 8m-high installation of it in Milan caused a controversy. A perfect statement piece for debating on, and debating in.


Worktops for efficiency, and inspiration

Nobody says work must be done in a study. If you prefer working near a window on one of your house’s multiple landings, get a work desk (or work desks, if you have a nomadic working style). For those sequestered at home with family, a longer desk offers the motivational energy of having company.

  • wfh office tables

    Holland desk

    Metrica for SP01

    This classy personal desk is perfect for a home study or studio office. The wood-veneered top comes in Natural Ash, Carbon Stained Ash or Walnut Stained Ash and can be paired with classy finishes such as Gold Chrome, Metallic Brass and Satin Black. These finishes cover the swivel drawers, contrasting feet and the cable management port. If graceful refinement is your design spirit animal, this has your name on it.


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Designer lighting for your home

For illumination, go beyond the utilitarian with these options that range from the poetic and elegant to the peculiar, and which can be easily moved around the home.

  • wfh office lights

    Mini crescent table lamp

    Lee broom

    This avant-garde looking orb is sliced asymmetrically, revealing a brushed brass fascia that is crescent in shape. The full-sized version is the popular Crescent Light, which is a ceiling lamp.


Supporting cast: WFH accessories 

Complete your work-from-home experience with these accessories and storage options.

  • wfh support

    Wonder box

    Nathan Yong for Folks

    Turn your filing tasks into a creative exercise with this storage option. The modular walnut boxes are versatile stackable units, which you can place beside your pop-up workspaces at home to hide work clutter. VERSATILE These drawer units make accessing your work documents easy, yet look sleek in any space.


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