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House Tour: A city apartment in Brazil that feels more like a tropical holiday villa

Integrating the outdoors and indoors in a seamless spatial transition was key to making this apartment in a busy city feel like an idyllic tropical villa.

Although this apartment is situated in a modernist building constructed in the late ‘60s, in the heart of the bustling Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, you wouldn’t know it after crossing the threshold.

Designed by Juliana Lima Vasconcellos with a reconfigured open space that integrates the outdoors and indoors, it feels more like a house than an apartment. Being on the first floor of the complex helped, as the home has the luxury of being surrounded by an open private area.

  • Juliana turned the outside area into a spacious garden complete with a pool, wooden deck, and plenty of verdant greenery for shade to create some privacy from the surrounding buildings. The effect created was that of living in a tropical villa. “[The garden] softens the coldness of the concrete in the surroundings,” she says.


This article was previously published on Home&Decor.