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How to be a better golfer

There so many things to take note of when you’re getting ready to swing your club that it can be crippling. So, we’ve simplified them for you.

Stephen Moriarty first swung a golf club when he was 10. Thirty years later, he’s now the director of Leadbetter Golf Academies (LGA) Southeast Asia and oversees the school’s operations in Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. We picked the golfing mind of the senior instructor, who is now based at Laguna National, to find out what are the four most important things to take note of during the driver swing, chipping around the greens, and playing in the bunker.


Improving your short game

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    Your feet should be about a clubhead apart at the heels and your arms should be bent and soft. Your shaft should also be pointing straight down with no tilt. If you need the ball to go higher, it should be positioned towards the front of your stance. If you want it to go lower, then it should be closer to the back instead.

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Driver swing

Add more yards to your big stick.

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    While the golf ball should be positioned inside of your left heel, it’s fine to place it slightly forward or back, depending on your preference. The key is the slight right tilt in your upper body, which ensures that your shaft is slightly tilted so that your angle of attack is upward. The right tilt is also important to transfer power to your left leg.

Bunker play

Get out of trouble with ease.

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    The first thing to note is the sand’s softness. The harder the sand, the easier it is to play out of the bunker, as that means that your club won’t dig into the sand. A stable base is key, so if you must, dig your feet into the sand so that you won’t slip while swinging the club.

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