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Indulgent gaming equipment to take your experience to the next level

Walk strange worlds and test-fly the X-Wing from Star Wars with these over-the-top gaming equipment and accessories.

  • Omnideck

    Swedish-made and engineered, the Omni deck has been billed as the "ultimate VR simulator". Eight years in development, this intelligent 360 degree treadmill system offers a seamless VR walking experience. Unlike many commercial models that force you to walk in place, which feels unnatural and might cause motion sickness, the Omnideck allows a large degree of freedom with it's 4.3m wide treadmill. Positional tracking determines the speed of the rollers under users' feet so that the system can discreetly moves them back to the centre. Positional tracking controls the speed of the rollers under you Plop on a VR headset and realistically explore new worlds on foot, or indulge in the most realistic first-person shooter experience you'll ever have.

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