Busy doesn’t even begin to describe Ruchdi Hajjar’s life. The man is a machine. Besides being a founder at SGMC Capital, a multi-family office, Hajjar also runs The Ring Boxing Community and invests in as well as monitors multiple businesses overseas. He is also raising three young children with his wife.

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“I’m driven in everything I do,” the effervescent Hajjar replies when I ask him how he manages all his responsibilities. “I push myself a lot and pull my team along with me, although I admit that my vision is too crazy sometimes.”

Hajjar instilled this habit in himself from an early age. When he turned 20, he was juggling three jobs. This served him well when he joined the investment industry and had to look over 20 families and their different projects.

Of course, he takes breaks. Hajjar has learned to switch on and off – “like charging a smartphone with low power”. A disciplined lifestyle is vital, he says.

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“I look after my nutrition, fitness and sleep. I work out at least four times a week and aim to sleep seven hours a day. On busier weeks, if I can’t exercise as often, I might sleep more or eat better. It’s all about making sure I’m equipped to handle all the challenges and stress that come my way,” says Hajjar.

The racing enthusiast maintains the same discipline with his skincare regimen. No matter how tired he gets, he cleanses once in the morning and again before he sleeps. He also moisturises his skin daily – “absolutely important” – and applies sunscreen before heading outdoors, although he chuckles that sometimes, his wife has to remind him.

He also emphasises the importance of hydration for good health and great skin and even puts on the occasional mask when his wife has hers on because it’s a way to have fun together.

Ultimately, having fun and keeping the fire within him burning is Hajjar’s secret to staying balanced. “We all have our ways. For me, I focus on my friends and family and surround myself with people who elevate and challenge me. We should do what we can and leave the rest to take care of itself.”

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