#01 RIDING THE WAVE The roads have Uber but, soon, the seas will have Immidia. Essentially a yacht charter app, Immidia promises delivery in no more than a couple of hours, and comes with a limousine pick-up and an option for catering. It will first be available in The French Riviera, Miami, Saint-Barthelemy and Dubai.

#02 VR TAKES OFF With Google’s virtual reality painting app, Tilt Brush, architects and designers can walk through their sketches as they draw them, using a simple motion-sensing controller.


#03 FAIR GAME Thanks to the innumerable men who prefer to buy Bremont watches in pairs, the British watchmaker has made the wise decision to launch a women’s collection this year. The Solo- 32 will consist of 32mm-sized automatic chronometers.


#04 $100 MILLION ROCK The 1,109-carat Lesedi la Rona, the largest gem-quality raw diamond to be found in a century, is set to be auctioned at Sotheby’s on June 29 for about US$70 million (S$96 million).

Biggest Rock 2016

#05 NATURAL HISTORY Did you know that Ion Orchard was built on what used to be a nutmeg plantation? The architects at Snohetta certainly did, and used that image as inspiration for the newly opened Aesop boutique at the shopping centre.

Aesop Nutmeg

#06 RE-BOOTH New York-based co-working company Bar Works will soon be transforming London’s underused public phone booths into cubicles for workers on the go. These will at least provide the privacy that cafes and co-working spaces can’t.

London Phone Booths

#07 GLASS HOUSES A former townhouse-turned-Chanel boutique in Amsterdam features a first-of-its-kind facade using glass bricks. And they don’t just look pretty. The construction, which is held together with transparent high-strength glue, is stronger than concrete.

#08 DRIVEN BY DESIGN For those who have always wanted to live in their car without the stigma of poverty, head to the new Bentley Suite in The St Regis Dubai. The third of such suites in the world, the room has design accents lifted from the Bentley Mulsanne.

Bentley Mulsanne Suites