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Luxury homes: A kampung-inspired detached home in Bishan

A new modern vernacular arises from reinterpreting the principles of the traditional kampung house.

Mention vernacular architecture and images of bamboo huts, stone cottages and log cabins come to mind. However, a response to local climate, sensitivity to microsite context, and appropriate use of natural materials need not always adopt a rustic form.


Type of home: A detached landed house in Bishan
Size of home: 5,307 sq ft (land area); 6,674 sq ft (built-up area)
Who lives here: A family of seven
ID: FOMA Architects

  • Luxury homes detached home bishan

    Take this detached home in Bishan, for instance. Designed by FOMA Architects, its modern expression draws inspiration from the traditional kampung house. “The circulation is always part of external space, just like in a kampung house,” says architect, Terence Tan Chin Chieh. The enclosed rooms open out onto semi-outdoor spaces, similar to the verandahs of a kampung house.

Photography Vee Chin
Art Direction Kristy Quah

This article was originally published on Home & Decor


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