[dropcap size=big]K[/dropcap]eemala Phuket is luxe dwellings with a difference. Resorts integrated with nature abound on the tourist island of Phuket. Keemala on the west coast, however, appears as if it sprouted from nature.

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Nestled in a forest in Kamala, the individual villas resemble straw mushrooms with bullet-shaped roofs. Some, like the tree houses, seem to have grown from the trunks themselves. Designed by Thailandbased firm Architect Space, the grounds “are an expansion of the landscape, making use of natural features such as mature trees, streams and waterfalls”, says Samornpun Somnam, Keemala’s executive director.

It’s all very serene, and guests wanting to destress will find a meditation bridge spanning a waterfall. The resort has 38 villas, with the tree houses being particularly stunning. Each two-storey unit has a private pool deck overlooking the surrounding foliage. Think a Robinson Crusoe dwelling for the well-heeled. Bathroom designs featuring showers attached to tree trunks and sinks encased in wood stumps add to the seamless impression of living at one with nature.

There’s a story about indigenous tribes explaining the architecture of the huts, but we think you would just as soon check in and zone out.