[dropcap size=small]”C[/dropcap]onsumers hate passwords.” These words, uttered earlier this year by Mastercard’s head of security, Ajay Bhalla, echoes what most of us already know – that we’re frustrated by having to remember strings of characters that must be changed frequently.

A whopping 38 per cent of Americans surveyed some years ago would rather scrub their toilet than deal with a new password – and we’re sure that figure has grown since. Passwords are a relic from the 1960s, in an age when our palm-sized smartphones are armed with processing power greater than the early Apollo missions.

We’re taking a rock to the security gunfight – and it’s costing billions of dollars annually through cybercrime and disgruntled customers. Fortunately, tech that’s more secure than even fingerprint technology (already hacked, by the way) is surfacing, and may at last eradicate the password, and the dreaded password reset. We can’t wait.

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