KINS clinic

Photos: KINS Clinic

KINS Clinic, Singapore’s latest hotspot for personalised acne treatments, has unveiled its first outlet at International Building under the leadership of the dynamic duo — former medical director and entrepreneur Yutaka Shimokawa and head dermatology advisor Dr Henry Loh.

KINS Clinic’s secret sauce is all about a holistic microbiome-based approach to tackle acne, using cutting-edge innovations and research from their labs in Japan. Its personalised solutions are targeted at those with acne woes, specifically designed for long-term relief and radiant skin.

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KINS clinic
Head Microbiome Researchers at KINS Lab in Japan. (Photo: KINS Clinic)

Dr Loh’s key expertise lies in assisting patients with acne conditions and is constantly researching on new methods to speed up the efficacy of appropriate treatments for his patients. After his time at Singapore’s National Skin Centre, Dr Loh became a founding partner of Dermatology Associates at Paragon, Orchard Road, and is now in private practice.

As a firm believer and advocate of microbiome and its strong correlation to acne, Dr Loh joined KINS Clinic as head dermatologist advisor where he combines his expertise in acne and interest in microbiome treatment to innovate and create effective in-clinic treatments for acne patients.

The clinic is bringing state-of-the-art microbiome treatments straight from their lab in Japan. With over 20,000 skin samples analysed, its R&D team has crafted treatments tailored for each client, who are given access to consult with the in-house dermatology advisor for personalised acne solutions.

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KINS clinic
KINS Clinic doctors. (Photo: KINS Clinic)

KINS Clinic’s flagship KINS Personalised Acne treatment plan starts with a playful Microbiome Health and Acne Severity Analysis which will figure out the best plan for your skin, mixing in ointments, medication, skincare, and even optional treatments like acne reduction and scar removal. Additionally, clients get to choose and customise their preferred method of treatment with the help of professional dermatologists.

Backed by a team of dermatologists from Singapore and Japan, KINS Clinic emphasises on the benefits of good microbiome health as the key to conquering acne for good.

Dr Loh sums it up, “KINS Clinic is all about holistic and personalised care. Client happiness and satisfaction are its top priorities. With the latest microbiome research and Japanese Biotechnology, it’s here to bring long-term results and recovery, helping clients kick acne to the curb.”