Lamborghini latest supercar

Photo: Lamborghini

Lamborghini’s new plug-in hybrid hypercar, the Revuelto, is named after a celebrity fighting bull from Barcelona, circa 1880. Also, its most literal translation is ‘mixed up’ – and often used to describe a Spanish version of scrambled eggs.

No matter how you read it, the storied Italian automaker is letting you know: you’re in for a ride.
For starters, everything in their first plug-in supercar is new, down to the carbon fibre frame and classically Lamborghini V12 gasoline engine – now supported by a trio of electric motors.

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Photo: Lamborghini

Two are mated to the front axle, while the third is integrated into a new eight-speed dual-clitch transmission. Put together, this hybrid powertrain produces in excess of 1,000hp – in other words, sheer, exhilarating power that’d handily silence any EV skeptic.

The brand’s headline numbers for the Revuelto, therefore, are a blistering century sprint of just 2.5 seconds and a top speed that exceeds 350kmh.

Remember how the electric motors are split between the front and rear axle? That means that the car is fully capable of delivering pure electric power to all four wheels – just one of its 13 possible drive configurations.

The e-powered axle also means that the Revuelto is the first in the Raging Bull’s line-up to employ electric torque vectoring, which allows the vehicle to distribute torque optimally to each wheel and take corners just that much better.

Another neat trick about the new engine set up and how it fits within the (also-new) carbon frame is a better weight distribution – 44 per cent towards the front, with the remaining 56 at the rear – thereby achieving “perfect balance” that boosts the Revuelto’s performance both on and off the track.

Photo: Lamborghini

Speaking of its new carbon frame, expect your supercar to be clad in a “new aviation-inspired monofuselage” that’s simply better than the Aventador’s, weighing “10 per cent less” while boasting “25 per cent” increased torsional stiffness.

Design-wise, it oozes Lamborghini’s sporty charm mixed in with lines taken from, you guessed it, the world of aerospace.

While this is Lamborghini’s first ever “High Performance Electric Vehicle”, it is not actually their first production hybrid. That title belongs to the limited-run Sian.

As expected, reception for the Revuelto has been more than warm. Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told car publication Road and Track that the brand has already received more than two years’ worth of orders for the car – before they’ve even revealed official pricing.