[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]eet the latest bolt to shoot out of Bologna. The Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 (loosely pronounced “Shawn”, meaning “flash” or “lightning” in dialect) isn’t just the most powerful hypercar the automakers have put together. It also marks the beginning of the manufacturer’s electrification era with its first-ever hybrid powertrain.

So what does adding a 48-volt electric motor do for the already monstrous 785hp v12 engine? The extra 34hp helps it hit a whopping 819 total, which allows the Sian FKP 37 to nail the century sprint in 2.8 seconds flat, and hit eye-watering speeds of 350km/h.

The 63 proud owners of the one-off car will also, for the first time, be able to coast at low speeds (for short periods) in a Lambo without waking up the entire neighbourhood.

The exterior is no less impressive. The Sian was designed from scratch, shedding all preconceptions that it’d take after its siblings, the Aventador and Huracan. Chiselled lines and gaping vents flow along an aggressively- sculpted silhouette, which trails off in hexagonal taillights and futuristic cooling vanes resembling gills. If there was an advanced underwater civilisation, the who’s who would be jetting around in Sians.

There’s more – the Sian’s one of the few Lamborghinis to depart from the more technical nomenclature. The “FKP 37” moniker is a tribute to Ferdinand Karl Piech, former Volkswagen chairman and driving force behind much of the group’s current success. Piech had passed on just weeks before the Sian’s official debut. To remember him by, his initials and his birth year – ‘37 – are now attached to the hypercar that’s going to take Lamborghini into the future.

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Topless Edition

Ferrari F8 Spider
Ferrari F8 Spider

The timeless draw of Ferrari’s Berlinettas – handsome, two-seated coupes – has been carried by a proud and long lineage of iconic makes.

The 488s held the fort for the last five years. In early 2019, the F8 Tributo was announced as the successor, to raucous applause from gearheads. The specs looked great. The lean, elegant frame bore modern, tasteful touches while retaining Prancing Horse hallmarks.

But if you were shopping for the ride to impress, you’ll want the just-announced F8 Spider, the drop-top convertible counterpart to the Tributo. All that separates the two? The ability to hit a button and go roofless in 14 seconds flat.

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Electric Off-Roader

Audi AI Trail
Audi AI:TRAIL quattro

Audi’s dropped the fourth zinger in its quartet of concept vehicles: the fully electrified AI:TRAIL quattro. The all-wheel drive offroader brings to bear four gigantic wheels, each supplied torque by a dedicated electric motor. This complicated set-up is effortlessly nannied by Audi’s proven onboard systems, granting incredible amounts of control over rugged terrain. A glass-cocooned cabin affords passengers superb all-round visibility, the better to take in the sights.

Thanks to leapfrogs in engine and structural efficiency, the vehicle delivers 429hp and boasts a range of 500km on regular roads. It manages half that even when up against nature’s most challenging topography – making for easy day trips away from a city or charging point.

But get this – the best part of running down the wilderness in the AI:TRAIL has to be the ability to deploy five AI-powered drones which nest in the roof rack. These will surge ahead of your car and throw down a carpet of illumination, supplementing the car’s headlights. In the city, it’ll be like having a personal army of floodlights heralding your arrival. We’re sold.

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