LG SnowWhite SXSW

Beat the heat by making ice cream in the comfort of your own home — now possible with LG’s new personal ice cream maker, SnowWhite.

Launched at the recent South by Southwest in Texas, the machine, albeit still a prototype and not ready for retail just yet, looks promising. It runs in the same vein as the ever-popular Nespresso machine, that dispenses coffee and other drinks — both hot and cold — simply by inserting a capsule.

LG SnowWhite SXSW

The SnowWhite, however, is far more ambitious. With two separate pods, one determining the base texture while the other affecting flavour, there are a vast number of combinations one can create on their countertop.

Whether you’re looking for a butter-pecan gelato, or a lemon sorbet, or even a strawberry granita, this ice cream maker has got you covered. Just remember to pop a cleaning capsule between every batch – or don’t, if you’re feeling intrepid.

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Folks who’ve tried their hands at making ice cream at home would know that it’s no child’s play. Thankfully, the process is ironed out by some expensive equipment in the market, while other affordable options offer an awkward middle ground. Yet, nothing quite as simple as two pods in a machine and a press of a button – or maybe even a tap of your smartphone.

SnowWhite follows LG’s well-received release of their HomeBrew — a near concept but for craft beer instead.

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