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Luxury homes: a District 10 condo combining hotel luxe and family-oriented practicality

Thoughtful spatial flow and a neutral palette, together with carefully-curated furnishings, elevate the look of this District 10 condominium apartment.

Functionality was a top priority for this family of five when they engaged Collective Designs for the design and renovation of their condominium in Ardmore Park, Tanglin. With a total of seven people living in the house – including their two helpers – it was essential that they utilised every part of the space well.

The team from Collective Designs comprised Selina Tay, the founder and principal designer, and Jane Febrina, interior designer. Together, they worked out the homeowners’ top priorities, which included adding storage to the bedrooms and improving the spatial flow.

“We spent time with the owners in order to understand how they use a particular cabinet, whether in the kitchen, study, or wardrobe, and we plan accordingly,” says Selina. The result is a home that fits the family’s lifestyle to a tee.

At a glance

Who lives here: A family of five with two helpers
Type of home: A 4+1 bedroom condominium in District 10
Size of home: 2,885 sq ft
Collective Designs

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    One of the main concerns was an under-utilised space in the corridor leading to the bedrooms. Since the space could not be expanded in any way, the team decided to turn this into a study area for the children instead, installing a custom-made desk with rounded edges for their safety.

This article was originally published in Home & Decor.


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