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Luxury Homes: a Singaporean-built house on an extinct volcano in Mexico

Dubbed Casa Eterea, this dreamy home was built by a Singaporean in the Mexican mountains, with no prior experience.

Three years ago, way before anyone knew what would be in store in 2020, Singaporean writer and photographer Prashant Ashoka bought a one-way ticket to Mexico.

Then 28, the avid traveller left Singapore with just two suitcases of his belongings and moved into a small rented apartment in Mexico City, wanting to go on a completely new adventure and risking it all to build a new life for himself.

By the time he was featured in The Straits Times in 2018, he had already spent 10 months in the Latin American country, making a living by freelancing for lifestyle publications. It was also revealed that he was in the midst of designing and building a house in the mountainous regions of Bajio in central Mexico.

  • House on an extinct volcano

    On Monday (Sept 28), Prashant showcased the results of his architectural project — a sustainably-built house he dubbed Casa Etérea. And according to pictures he shared on Facebook and Instagram, it is gorgeous.

This article was originally published on Asiaone