Nikki Hunt Luxury home

When Design Intervention principal Nikki Hunt and her husband built their home in 2005, they drew inspiration from colonial black-and white bungalows. “I love their casual majesty. Their style exudes a sense of strength, like a protective constant that we can return to no matter how topsy-turvy the world may seem,” she reflects.

But while she finds their permanence soothing, when it comes to the interior, she is perpetually tinkering. as a designer, many furniture prototypes come in for testing. With new fabrics, she may redo some curtains to see how they fall or re-upholster a chair to see how it wears.

She even brings in project rejects so that she can use them and figure out how best to improve on them. The home has also undergone a series of planned renovations in keeping with the changing needs of the household.

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“When we first designed the home, we planned it around our young kids. Seven years on, their needs as teenagers changed so we reconfigured the home to incorporate a dedicated study area and spaces where they could have more privacy and hang out with their friends,” she explains.

Fast forward to seven years later when another round of redecoration was carried out in 2019 after both kids left to pursue their education overseas, leaving vast areas within the expansive property underutilised.

“Unused rooms always feel cold and unfriendly. I wanted to create a home that resonated with fun and life, one that would refresh and revitalise us,” she says. Now, with the kids and their stuff gone, she gets to explore a more flamboyant design style that would flood the home with vitality and a sense of fun.

This article was originally published in Home & Decor.

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