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Luxury homes: a River Valley apartment with urban boutique hotel vibes

The holiday home's comparatively modest size has been given a luxurious yet practical makeover.

This hotel-inspired apartment in River Valley is the holiday home for a family of five. The homeowner’s business requires him to travel from their permanent residence in Hong Kong to the US once every few months.

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His wife and three children sometimes accompany him on these trips, which usually include a stopover in Singapore, where the family would stay for a week or so each time.

  • River Valley Apartment

    He wanted this home away from home to be a cosy getaway with all the comforts and luxury details of a hotel suite and a personal space for each family member. Responding to his brief, Darrion Loo, an associate designer at Helen & Woods, set out what he wanted to achieve for this project.

    “It was about creating space, storage and sophistication while incorporating cosy elements within a 1,442 sq ft interior. As it had to accommodate five people, it was also important that they each had a private space within the apartment,” he says. “I wanted to inject sleek modernity, not unlike an urban boutique hotel suite, while imbuing it with the warmth and familiarity you would find in a home.”

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