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Luxury homes: Woodleigh Residences brings a slice of Japan to the heartlands

The upcoming premium integrated development isn’t just big on Japanese design - it also stays true to the Japanese ethos of maximising space.

Japanese design is often defined by a few key tenets: minimalism; a reverence for craftsmanship; and effortless sophistication that belie the amount of care that goes into the creative process. It is the antithesis of hectic, modern-day lives – a rejection of clutter and a deliberate slowing down to evoke the much sought-after Zen state of mind. Little wonder that it is a design aesthetic that has long been wildly popular among Singaporeans.

At The Woodleigh Residences, the upcoming premium integrated development jointly developed by Kajima Development and Singapore Press Holdings and slated for completion in August 2022, these Japanese design philosophies are infused throughout the property – from the laser-focus attention to detail in design integration to the efficient use of space. No mean feat for a development that comprises not only residential, retail, dining and commercial spaces, but also a community club and a neighbourhood police centre.Integrated below the development is an Integrated Transport hub with Woodleigh MRT Station and an underground bus interchange. In addition, it is directly connected to Bidadari Park, Alkaff Lake and the wider neighborhood via a commercial bridge.

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Built for holistic living

Design considerations to facilitate a seamless transition from home to play are evident throughout the development. For example, The Woodleigh Mall and the Community Club share a common ‘nature’ design concept and material palette, where identical motifs on ceilings and tiling patterns were used to ensure aesthetic alignment. 

“In addition, our facilities deck, which is inspired by the “Syakkei” concept of borrowing scenery from the biodiversity environment, visually connects residents to the greater greenery in Bidadari Park and Alkaff Lake, letting residents enjoy nature within and outside of the development fully,” says Mr Kazunori Ichihashi, project director at Kajima Development. The U-shaped configuration of the blocks and orientation of the residences stays true to this “Syakkei” concept, maximising the number of residences that can enjoy the views of the 10-hectare Bidadri Park and Alkaff Lake.

It is also at the facilities deck that the property boasts Japanese features that are unique to a local development. An indoor onsen, situated at the edge of a commercial bridge on a standalone building facing the Park, will no doubt be a hit among travel-starved Japanophiles, while the Tatami Rooms, complete with Tatami roll-out mattresses, promises to be a haven for relaxation. The use of engawa outside the function room, or the wooden flooring attached around the periphery of Japanese houses, completes the look. 


Smart design for maximised space

“Living spaces in Singapore are continually shrinking, consequently the quality of living, so maximising space efficiency is one of the key thrusts of the project,” says Mr Ichihashi. The residences are thus designed with the concept of Japanese space maximisation, adaptability and efficiency. 

A key highlight: the residences are designed with specific walls that can be removed, without the need for re-wiring, to adapt to the changing family needs. “This means a 2-bedroom residence’s living space can be expanded with the removal of a wall at a later life stage, when the children move out and start their own families, to create a comfortable environment for family gatherings,” Mr Ichihashi adds.

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Other thoughtful design considerations include the raising of the balcony flooring to the same level as that of the living room – a common feature typically only found in high-end luxury properties that expands the amount of usable space of the residences. A useful pull-out table system optimises the kitchen counter area. Naturally, it’s an invitation for intimate house parties, where homeowners can make full use of the combined living room and balcony space for an alfresco affair. 

Finally, Muji fans will be enamoured by the provision of in-built storage spaces. Says Mr Ichihashi: “We have subtly built these additional storage spaces into our Japanese-inspired bathroom mirrors, in the accessory panel at the side of the wardrobes as well as beneath the sink.”  

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