Hastens Dremer

Singaporeans sleep little. We are among the world’s populations with the worst sleep hygiene — just last year, Singapore ranked fourth after Japan, the US and the UK in a global survey of 13 countries. It is little wonder that we are stressed out, worn out, and struggling with a host of health problems. 

As such, Hästens could be the best thing to happen to us. Founded in 1852 by Swedish master saddler Pehr Adolf, Hästens comes highly recommended by sleep experts, who remind others repeatedly how the bed rejuvenates your senses and helps improve performance at work. 

The culmination of six generations of master craftsmen, Hästens remains a family company committed to sleeping well and living better. Just ask the Swedish Royal Court, which Hästens has supplied beds since 1952. Singapore is the newest of 45 countries where you can visit its boutique and enjoy a little sleepcation.

Deeply invigorating slumber

Some of us might have caught the Hästens bed in Emily In Paris on Netflix. The American marketing executive tries to impress her new colleagues — with a shoot with influencers against those iconic blue checks. What that scene failed to reveal, though, is how every Hästens bed seduces your senses with that fantastic feeling of “being on a cloud, of hovering weightlessly” — like its bestselling 2000T.   

Leading the plethora of natural materials is Alyx horsetail hair, which is washed, sterilised, twisted, then teased into fluffy layers. These are combined with other layers of wool, cotton and flax to create an in-built ventilation system that keeps your body cool and dry, resulting in a deeper sleep. All materials in a Hästens bed can be recycled too. They are naturally degradable or can be returned to nature safely and securely.  

So that your slumber on the 2000T’s 34 layers of natural materials is even more comfortable, it features three separate spring systems, comprising steel wire that measures in at 1,500m. These handcrafted layers do more than keep your sleep cool, dry and deep. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easily and quickly the mattress embraces you, night after night, so you can wake up the next morning fully charged and ready to take on new challenges.

Culmination of five generations of craftsmanship  

That’s just the mattress. Hästens bed frames are made with Swedish pine from responsibly managed forests. These trees take 120 years to mature — only straight, even, dimensionally stable and strong planks are selected. And instead of nails or screws, bed frames are constructed only with dovetail joints.  All this has led the team at Hästens to describe the 2000T as “the culmination of what we have learned…five generations of craftsmanship”.

As a one-up, the drēmər (Swedish for “dreamer”) was sent out to mark its 170th anniversary this year. Another collaboration with Ferris Rafauli, the acclaimed designer behind last year’s Grand Vividus, drēmər encapsulates Hästens CEO Jan Ryde’s vision to “make our world a better place”. 

While Rafauli kept largely to the fundamentals, he upholstered the bed with a new checkerboard fabric based on Hästens’ iconic horse monogram. He also gave it a beautifully crafted velvet headboard with intricate piping that you can pick from four stylish hues, as well as gorgeous lacquered wooden legs in black and blue. Look closer — yes, at the foot of the bed — and you’ll spot a silver-plated brass plate etched with the very inspiring phrase: “Drēmər, The Day Is Yours”.    

Every Hästens bed can be customised to your desired firmness and size. It comes with a 25-year warranty and a twice-yearly on-site bed massage service. Some Hästens beds have been in use for over 100 years. 

Now that’s one great bedtime story.  

Experience the perfection of a Hästens bed at #B1-52 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue. Opens 11am to 9pm daily. Call +65 6688 7161 to make an appointment for bed trials. More info at hastens.com

In partnership with Hästens