[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hat do you get when you cross two of the biggest names in the world of alpine adventure gear? In this case: some very cool skis. They are the result of a collaboration between Moncler Grenoble, the performance line by luxury winterwear brand Moncler, and Zai, premium ski-makers based in the ski town of Disentis, Switzerland.

Designed as high-speed skis for both professionals and enthusiasts, the new models in the collection combine Moncler’s stylish flair with the craftsmanship of Zai artisans.

The individually numbered skis are largely constructed and finished by hand, complemented by the use of custom-made machines such as what Zai calls the “world’s most advanced CNC ski press” – which can exert up to 40 tonnes of downforce to combine layers of carbon fibre and thermoplastic.

The skis also feature the use of materials like steel, aluminium and rubber, a combination designed for exceptional durability and stability.

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Available in three different lengths – 155cm, 166cm and 177cm – the collaborative skis also come with a specially designed kit that includes a bag, carbon ski poles with leather grips, and a sponge and wax set to keep those skis looking spiffy, even after they’ve been put through their paces on the slopes.