Nejla Matam-Finn professes to be “old-school”. The entrepreneur and co-founder of The Fifth Collection, an online platform for pre-loved luxury items, still enjoys penning down her thoughts in a notebook. “But I’ll have my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 opened next to it so I can take notes while browsing for ideas,” says the 41-year-old.

Matam-Finn loves the convenience from blending both the digital and physical realms. She owns both the first Galaxy Z Fold and the current generation.

Before the Fold2 came out, she regularly used the first for work. She could easily access her work apps – “I use Trello the most and spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest and Evernote, too” – while on the go. When the new smartphone launched, she immediately took notice of the bigger screen. As her “eyes are not what they used to be”, the bigger front screen made it easier to look at her notifications or quickly fire a message to someone without unfolding it.

As a creative person, Matam-Finn loved the aesthetic upgrade. “The Galaxy Z Fold2 is now completely seamless when opened. The first, on the other hand, had a notch for the camera at the right-hand corner of the unfolded screen.”

With the pandemic causing Matam-Finn to work from home more often, she has become reliant on the Fold2’s multitasking ability. “I can have multiple apps open at the same time, which makes my work more efficient. For example, when I’m on a conference call, I can have my calendar open at the same time to plan my schedule accordingly.”

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 on Nejla Matam-Finn's table.
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 on Nejla Matam-Finn’s table.

Another feature that Matam-Finn appreciates is the new hinge system that allows the phone to be flexed between 35 and 155 degrees. It’s something she regularly uses when she’s gardening on the balcony as it allows her to watch videos or make a video call no matter where she is.

“Others do yoga, I garden,” she laughs. “I picked it up at the end of 2019. Most weekends, you can find me outside gardening and using the Galaxy Fold 2 at the same time.”

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