With global travel restrictions nowhere close to being lifted, hotels are pulling out all the stops to attract local patronage. And while staycations are a popular stopgap, more needs to be done to keep everyone in the hospitality industry gainfully employed.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s trick up its grand neoclassical sleeves: rejuvenating The Fullerton Spa offerings. It partnered with spa specialist ESPA to design new treatments and refresh old ones. Arguably the most significant upgrade was applied to its oldest treatment – the Asian Heritage Signature massage. While waiting in the lounge, I thought of the myriad ways in which a spa could upgrade a massage. Only one came to mind: using new products.

I was half right. “We also tweaked the format. Now, it starts with you facing up and then down, followed by up again,” my therapist Mayang shared. This might seem like an insignificant change, but it makes a world of difference. According to her, one of the bugbears guests had was that they would fall asleep during the massage. An odd complaint, but it was a point well considered. “The new format ensures that you are awake for most of the session and thus able to feel the therapist kneading your muscles,” Mayang said.

And, instead of starting on the legs before moving upwards to end at the head, the massage begins at the scalp. These might be minor amendments, but subtlety forms the foundation of luxury.

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Spa day

The Fullerton Spa’s other treatments include the Fullerton Signature Facial (60 or 90 minutes, starting from $220++), the Men’s Deep Cleansing Facial (60 minutes, $200++) and the Hero Treatment (90 minutes, $320), a targeted, personalised wellness journey using a plethora of aromatherapy oils that will make you forget you’re in Singapore.

There are also lunchtime express treatments that start at $90 and lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes. You can find more information at fullertonhotels.com/fullerton-hotel-singapore/spa.

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