Newron Motors EV-1

The EV-1 electric roadster is the brainchild of Newron Motors, a French marque that was founded in 2016. Aesthetes and adrenaline-junkies alike will find something to love in the wooden EV-1 motorcycle: it performs well on the road, while sporting a modern design normally reserved for concept vehicles at auto-shows.

It’s built around an exposed structural battery pack adorned with muted lighting, giving it a neo-futuristic look while shedding some weight. Its groundbreaking timber fairings come in oak, ebony, white ash or red cedar, though there is room for personalization.

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The EV-1 doesn’t just feature a revolutionary design. Its range – a hefty 300 kilometers on a single charge – is more than sufficient for day-to-day urban usage. If you’re going on a road trip, expect to last for a substantial 220 kilometers between pit-stops. Compared to other electric motorcycles on the market, the wooden EV-1 fares well, edged out only by the Brutus V9.

Newron Motors EV-1

This is all with a top speed of 220 km/h, thanks to an advanced permanent magnet AC motor that offers maximum torque from the get-go. With agile carbon-fibre rims and brakes co-designed with Beringer, you’ll be happy – and safe- on the track or the road.

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A full charge typically takes five hours with the standard three-watt charger, though there is an option for a seven-watt charger that halves the charging time. If you’re lucky enough to find a fast-charge station, the battery can reach 80 per cent in just 40 minutes.

The only thing missing is the throaty roar of the exhaust – electric motors are silent after all – but will you really miss it when your motorcycle boasts a century time of less than three seconds?

Only 12 models of the EV-1 will be made, and will be available come 2021.

If you’re interested getting one of these electric motorcycles with lustrous wooden fairings, click here. Six have already been snapped up.


Images courtesy of Newron

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