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‘The 80s staple is back in vogue for 2020. Every home needs an upgrade from time to time, even Buckingham Palace, the official home of the Queen of England and probably the most famous family home in the world.

Not surprisingly, for a building that dates back to the 1700s, the plumbing and electrics have been upgraded, but what may surprise readers is that a team of wallpaper specialists has carefully removed some 19th-century wallpaper that is to be reinstalled when the renovations are complete.

The idea of loving a wallpaper so much that a family retains it for a couple of centuries might sound bizarre but the Queen’s penchant for wallpaper is bang on trend – the demand for wallpaper has never been stronger.


Which is right for you?

Wallpaper from Pierre Frey

The use of wallpaper is certainly nothing new, especially at Design Intervention, which has championed its use for more than a decade. The home is an extension of your personality and no other design tool can personalise a home as quickly and completely as wallpaper. But with an abundance of choices out there, picking what is right can be confusing.

Do your research


Start by compiling images of rooms you love and see if a pattern emerges. Are you drawn to calming painterly spaces or rooms with warm organic accents? Are you partial to Chinoiserie, or bold graphics and humorous accents? Chinoiserie lends sophistication while a bold feature can add vitality. Or do you want to achieve a serene effect with subtle tones? How do you want to feel in the room – soothed or inspired? Cheery or relaxed? Pinpointing exactly what you want and what you are drawn to will help narrow your selection.


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Consider your existing colour scheme and theme

Wallpaper from Goodrich Global

Note the existing colour palette and interior style of your home. Remember to take into consideration the view from adjoining rooms so that your new wallpaper complements and enhances the flow of the entire space.

Explore different material options

Wallpaper from Bode

Advances in both printing techniques and adhesives are allowing manufacturers to move beyond paper to materials like corks, grasscloths and silks, with pretty much no limitations to design. In fact, some advanced materials are able to withstand extreme conditions with product ranges and speciality coatings developed for installation in kitchens, bathrooms and even outdoors.


This article was originally published in Home & Decor.


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