[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f there’s one annoying constant on our laundry lists, it’s that niggling mental note to make a run to the dry cleaner’s – one of these days. When that’s finally ticked off, you’ve to schedule a pick-up. During this time, a new batch of suits and dresses has probably accrued. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Those who capitulate to such a regime either find themselves time-starved or considering the only other option: getting the articles picked up and dropped off at the residence, which still requires commitment and can cost a pretty penny.

Thank heavens, then, for innovation and an elegant third solution. The folks behind Korean electronics company LG have invented a consumer-focused steam closet that deodorises and de-wrinkles articles of clothing in less than an hour. The best part? The slim machine may just fit in a compartment of your existing wardrobe, and that’s an intuitive a placement as it gets.

Can a 1.85m-tall (and rather lanky) man stand in your wardrobe? Then so can the Styler, which measures approximately 185cm high, 45cm wide and 69cm deep.

The device works quite simply: it’s a chamber that shakes your clothes gently while they’re bathed in steam, which causes fibres in your clothing to “relax” and straighten out. Wrinkles be gone. The high temperatures act as a natural germicide and deodorises the article. No chemical treatment is involved, meaning delicates are safe from ruination. You can, however, opt to use “aroma sheets”, which scent the clothes ever so slightly. A special “Easy Pants Crease Care” mode keeps your dress pants looking sharp in the right places while smoothing out trouble areas.

LG claims that the Styler sells at a rate of one every four minutes in South Korea alone, so they seem to have done something right. If you frequently don formal wear and / or waste time at the dry cleaner’s, this could be that one of those presents to yourself that truly impact your quality of life.