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Object of Desire: Magico’s massive, 2m-tall M9 loudspeakers

The Magico M9 is a S$1.04 million culmination of over a decade’s work in contemporary loudspeaker design that’s as massive as it is impressive.

How much are you willing to pay for good sound? That’s the question we think Magico’s trying to get us to answer: at least, if its behemoths are anything to go by. The Magico M9 is the latest in California-based industrial designer Alon Wolf’s search for perfect audio reproduction – in other words, completely identical to live music.

That’s no mean feat, and we’d wager that people would be willing to pay top dollar for anyone able to achieve this monumental task – we’re just not sure if its this many dollars. The pair of luxury speakers, for example, cost as much as a luxury sports car. And we’re not exactly sure which you’d get more mileage on either.

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So what exactly makes these 450 kg loudspeakers so special? Well, apart from sheer scale. As the flagship of Magico’s floor standing speakers, it’d better deliver in more than just looks. The monolith-like structures are fashioned with carbon fibre inner and outer shells wrapped around an aluminium honeycomb core. The shell enables sound to pass through without vibrating along with the music, due to a combination of the materials, computerised modelling and super-precise assembly that brings resonance and diffraction effects to near zero.

Magico M9 1

The way its achieved its clarity and high-frequency reproduction of sound is unprecedented, due to its world’s-first-use of a 28mm Beryllium-diamond dome tweeter. Every loudspeaker cone on the M9 incorporates its Nano-tec design, which has gone through seven generations of refinement – the aluminium core’s added stiffness further eliminates any resonance by pushing it beyond our audible range.

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The massive cones aren’t just for show either: they help to dissipate heat quickly, which builds up fast when you’re belting out the grungy tones of your favourite alternative metal group far too loudly for far too long.

Each loudspeaker comes with a total of five subwoofers spread across its massive frame and make for a formidable centrepiece to any extreme audiophile’s sound needs. Perfect with this Object of Desire, a top-of-the-line turntable. Especially since it’d likely cost more than most other appliances out there, limited edition or otherwise. It won’t be out until around Q4 2020, so stay tuned for more.

The real question for Magico, really, is what’s next? We’re excited to find out.