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Okamura’s Singapore showroom features a gigantic chair vending machine and 2m-tall gachapon station

A far cry from the traditional format, Okamura’s new showroom invites users to interact with each other and its giant vending machines.

In a world where interaction and sensory play have been severely curtailed by the pandemic, office furniture brand Okamura’s new showroom in Cecil Street is indeed a refreshing experience. More of a communal playground than a traditional showroom, it invites visitors to rethink their relationship with furniture via imaginative installations.

  • Okamura-Showroom

    The most striking, of course, is the 7m-high multi-storey chair vending machine that greets visitors at the entrance. The concept cleverly utilises vertical space to display Okamura’s award-winning products as well as embodies an essential aspect of modern Japanese culture where vending machines are part of daily living.

    Visitors simply select a product to view and it’s brought to them, recreating joy from the anticipatory childhood experience of buying something from a vending machine.

This article was originally published in Home & Decor


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