[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]panish car company Spania GTA has debuted the GTA Spano in Singapore under authorised dealer Eurosports Global on Apr 14. The car boasts a V10 Turbo 7,990 cm3 engine with maximum power at 925 hp and 1220 Nm torque, making it one of the most powerful automobiles made in Spain. Only 99 units will be made-to-order worldwide.

“GTA Spano is a very exclusive supercar, hand-built only on order for a very perceptive market niche and discerning group of clients with a keen eye for innovative aesthetics and technology,” said Melvin Goh, CEO of Eurosports Global.

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“The Asian market, especially Singapore, is one of the most important markets in the super sports car sector. We are sure GTA Spano will be most successful with our customers,” Domingo Ochoa, Founder and CEO of GTA Spania, added.

EuroSports Global is located at the Lamborghini Showroom, 30 Teban Gardens Crescent. For more information, visit www.eurosportsglobal.com.