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Life through a lens

Captured via video conference from our own homes, The Peak team discusses making an impression on screen and living the WFH life.

Lynette Koh

The Peak Team

Watches & Fashion Editor

My video-conferencing style… calls for cheerful colours and things that make a statement from the waist up. My working-from-home (WFH) essentials... are my Nespresso machine, food-delivery apps and lipstick. The best thing about WFH... is that it finally forced me to clear my study desk – why, hello, proper workspace.

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Fazlie Hashim

The Peak Team

Senior Art Director

My video-conferencing style… isn’t so much about me, but about making sure that the background is aesthetically pleasing. My top three WFH essentials… are a double-walled coffee mug, my thinking cap (a Nigel Cabourn Mechanics cap) and this leather couch that I can lie on when I need inspiration. The best thing about WFH… is not having to shave.

Farhan Shah

The Peak Team


My video-conferencing style… involves pretending I’m James Bond but realising I’m Jake Peralta. My top three WFH essentials… are scented candles, Hans Zimmer’s Work from Home playlist, and a pocket square that doubles up as a stress ball. The best AND worst thing about WFH… is all the snacking that I’m doing. My suits are protesting.

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Ashruddin Sani

The Peak Team

Art Director

My video-conferencing style… involves wearing bright shirts that enliven my day and that of whoever’s watching me. My WFH essentials… are my fish tank (staring at my fish helps me relax), headphones for blasting music, and coffee, coffee, coffee. The best thing about WFH... is being able to wear shorts while working.

Alvin Lim

The Peak Team


My video-conferencing style... is overdressed. Once the camera is off, it’s back to being underdressed. My WFH essentials… are my laptop, my bed and a full water bottle so I can stay on said bed all day. The best thing about WFH… is that coffee breaks usually involve a movie. Or two.

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Adeline Wong

The Peak Team

Features Editor

My video-conferencing style… is together yet apart, making contact with the outside world in the company of animals, both in reality and garb. My top three WFH essentials… are my pet conure and rabbit (so I can talk to living things) and music everywhere, but at top volume in the study. The best thing about WFH… is saving money on nice-to-haves – only to spend it all on food deliveries.

Weets Goh

The Peak Team

Digital Writer

My video-conferencing style… is business on top, party below. My WFH essential… is wine, hopefully out of sight of the webcam. The best thing about WFH… is working in shorts.

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