[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he PTT Family have expanded their portfolio with their first-ever hotel, situated in Bali. In line with CEO Ronald Akili’s track record, the property is defined by its focus on craft, particular styles that celebrate Indonesian heritage.

Ronald Akili

In the case of Katamama, more than 1.5 million hand-pressed bricks, teak, handmade tiles from Java and terrazzo made on-site went into construction. The hotel also features more than 100 original works by contemporary Indonesian artists.

“With both Katamana and Kaum (the neighbouring restaurant), our team worked closely with the finest local artisans, independent local producers and suppliers to showcase the best of Indonesia,” said Akili.  “We wanted to highlight Indonesia’s rare and almost-forgotten ingredients, cooking techniques and craftsmanship and bring them together to create experiences that reflect our country’s heritage, all within a modern and relatable context.”