Jeremy Jauncey has the dream job: Travelling the world, seeking out beautiful photos for social media platform Instagram.

The 32-year-old Scot (Jauncey is now based in New York) started Beautiful Destinations in 2012 with the aim of inspiring people around the globe with stunning travel photographs. Though both professionals and amateurs are welcome to submit photos to this platform, Jauncey keeps an eye out for factors that make images successful on social media. Colour, brightness, scale and also the tone of an image all play a role in upping its chances of being liked and shared.

One campaign in particular caused the growth of Beautiful Destinations to explode:#TagSomeoneYouLove, where followers tagged loved ones and friends in pictures that they enjoyed.

Today, Beautiful Destinations has over 7.7million followers, a number that has enticed hotels and travel businesses to engage Jauncey in hopes of sharing in the same magic.

To see more stunning travel photos, check out Beautiful Destinations on Instagram.