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Porsche’s new smart radio can be fitted into the brand’s vintage and classic cars

Porsche customers with vintage and classic cars can now get their rides outfitted with new, modern, infotainment technology, thanks to the creation of two new smart radio systems that support Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay.

Porsche has announced yet another way that classic and vintage car owners can soup up their vehicles: with one of two new Porsche Classic Communication Management smart infotainment systems designed to be installed in old-school models, specifically those with 1-DIN or 2-DIN dimensions.

Surrounding either a 3.5-inch or 7-inch touchscreen display, depending on whether the PCCM or PCCM Plus radio fits a vehicle’s dimensions, are a series of rotary knobs and physical buttons which provide the modern radio with a retro look. The system brings Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto with the PCCM Plus unit) to the car allowing the model — which could possibly date back to the ’60s — to be controlled by an iPhone. Additionally, each unit brings Bluetooth technology to the car and DAB+ station support.

Though the integrated screens are much smaller than the displays in today’s Porsches, the onboard navigation system, route guidance and media functionality operate in a similar manner.

The standard PCCM system is available for 1,439.89 euros, or about $1,555.30, and the PCCM Plus system is available for 1,606.51 euros, or about $1,733.91. While both can be ordered online, the company recommends having them installed at a Porsche center.


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