red packets

Photo: TSLA

When it comes to these auspicious red packets, the contents itself is what we’re most interested in. But with these local brands and creative studios rolling out some unique and beautifully crafted ones, we can’t help but do a double-take at these miniature masterpieces.

From the modern and sleek to the flashy and wacky, here are some ang pows to check out for the Year of the Dragon

1. Maad Creatives

red packets
Photo: Maad Creatives

Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s iconic dragon playgrounds, the Maad Creatives team rolls out a 24cm 3D paper accordion dragon that doubles up as an ang pow. The packet even comes with a set of instructions on how to put it together. The exclusive collectable is only available to the agency’s clients, but you can watch it in action in this video — it does look quite stunning.

2. The Secret Little Agency

Photo: The Secret Little Agency

As the Chinese dragon is known and pronounced as “lóng” or “loong”, the folks at The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) took it quite literally and produced the Long Bao. The swanky red packet features simple illustrations and embossed lettering. Only 1,000 pieces are made to be distributed to close friends and partners of the agency. 

3. Goodstuph

For independent social marketing agency GOODSTUPH, it’s all about bold dragon energy with its innovative eight-panel — a nod to the number eight’s association with luck and prosperity — ang pow. 

If you look a little closer, each panel is illustrated with a cultural icon representing the agency’s presence in various cities — the Merlion for Singapore, the tuk-tuk for Bangkok, the Petronas Twin Towers for Kuala Lumpur, and the wayang kulit for Jakarta.

However, these knockout pieces aren’t available to the public and are only for clients and close friends of the agency. Founder Pat Law says, “The rarity of these red packets adds an element of exclusivity and serves as a memorable token of appreciation, fostering stronger bonds within the GOODSTUPH community.” 



Taking a more pop culture interpretation of the Year of the Dragon, integrated marketing agency DSTNCT took inspiration from none other than the legendary Bruce Lee — also known as the Little Dragon. 

Each red packet integrates intriguing facets of Bruce Lee’s remarkable life, accompanied by an inspirational quote and auspicious Chinese New Year wishes. These cool packets are not for sale, but avid Bruce Lee fans can email DSTNCT expressing their interest.

5. Foreign Policy Design

Photo: Foreign Policy Design

Challenging conventions is something creative studio Foreign Policy Design excels at — and it’s no different regarding its annual ang pow design. 

This year’s ang pow showcases typographic treatment mirroring the dynamic movements of the dragon. There is also a special feature where you can “claw” your money out of the ang pow. On top of that, you get a jelly bag, a funky keychain, and a sheet of dragon-themed temporary tattoos when you purchase these packets from the online store. 

Purchase here.

6. The Paper Bunny 

Photo: The Paper Bunny

For fans of typography, lifestyle brand The Paper Bunny keeps it elegant and understated yet eye-catching enough to stand out from the sea of red packets you’ll be receiving this year.

Coloured a warm orange, its red packets emphasise the more meaningful and heartwarming aspects of the Lunar New Year, like health, harmony, and family. 

Purchase here.

7. Purple & Pure

Photo: Purple & Pure

In this season of abundance and often extravagance, it’s easy to forget your environmental goals for the new year. Eco-friendly lifestyle brand Purple & Pure’s biodegradable red packets solve the problem of figuring out what to do with all the red packets you get. 

Made from seed paper, these red packets can be planted in soil once they’ve been emptied. Each ang pow has a mix of vegetable seeds woven between the layers of paper, making for a nice surprise when they start sprouting in a week or two.

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