robosea roboshark

While others are busy sending drones up into the air and delivery bots down the sidewalk, four-year-old Chinese robotics company RoboSea has made quite a splash with RoboShark, an underwater exploration robot that cuts through the water with twice the finesse and half the horror incited by Jaws or that infamous Baby Shark tune.

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Unlike Google’s self-driving cars, RoboShark’s in-built obstacle avoidance system has enabled the bot to successfully navigate the waters without crashing into marine life or upending corals which have taken thousands of years to form. It’s certainly a step up from a waterproof Gopro, which requires you to get hands-on with the recording, but slipping this two-metre-long and 60kg beast into the sea might raise a few questions, if not a few eyebrows.

When queried, simply cite how RoboSharks have enabled researchers to observe aquatic life in their natural state. Its multi-joint caudal fin lets it move like a silent but less deadly shark, introducing minimal disturbance to its immediate environment. The robot is also fully customisable, allowing for cameras or sensor rigs to be easily mounted. If the occasion calls for it, RoboShark can also be commanded to track a moving target and give chase at speeds of up to 19km/h.

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Available for purchase at RoboSea.