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Thanks to the likes of Youtube and Netflix, we don’t really need a television set anymore. Everything you need can be streamed onto your mobile phone or tablet while you’re lying comfortably in bed. Then again, there is something to be said about catching your favourite serial on the telly: there’s nothing like jaw-dropping vistas or battle scenes in outstanding high definition. It’s better for shared viewing as well – and dozing off mid-stream won’t result in a tablet on your face. Enter the Sero TV – Korean for vertical – Samsung’s modern answer to home entertainment.

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Samsung The Sero

Thanks to its seamless integration with your smart devices, you can mirror anything from your phone without having to fiddle with wires. This includes Youtube, games, or pictures from your latest trip. Like your phone, the Samsung Sero TV can switch from vertical to horizontal at the press of a button to suit whatever’s playing – so you won’t have to curse those who film in portrait mode any longer.

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Its QLED, 43-inch display delivers stunningly vibrant – and accurate – colours along with awesome audio options thanks to its Dolby Digital Plus equipped front-facing speakers that adjust voice levels to match the ambient level of noise in the room.

The Samsung Sero doesn’t just work great: as a lifestyle TV, it isn’t designed to be tucked away in an alcove or hidden behind panels. With a sleek, modern design, it’s meant to be a statement piece that plays a part in your home’s interior decor. The Sero’s portrait mode allows it to function as a pseudo-photo frame or clock: we especially like its ability to display cinemagraphs (think of it as Harry Potter-esque moving images), either vertically or horizontally.

Samsung The Sero 2 vertical tv

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Its mix of functionality and design earned the Sero accolades from CES 2020 and the International Forum Design Award 2020. The piece of tech joins Samsung’s collection of lifestyle television options, including the Serif and the Frame. The latter’s 2020 evolution refocuses its homely appeal. It now comes with 20 exclusive artwork selections as well as access to Samsung’s art store with an exhaustive array of 1,200 oeuvres by prestigious artists, galleries and museums worldwide.

As a bonus, the Sero’s eco-friendly cardboard packaging can be easily recycled – or used to make a little hideaway for your furry friend.

Samsung The Sero cat vertical TV

Click here for more on the Samsung Sero, the world’s first vertical TV. Available on Samsung Online Store or major consumer electronics stores.