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Samsung collaborates with Thom Browne for its new devices

Fashion and technology once again make for interesting bedfellows with the latest Samsung devices designed by Thom Browne.

When tech giant Samsung announced in February this year that it was collaborating with Thom Browne on a series of devices, we were intrigued as to the price of this high-fashion technological collaboration. The price is finally out – S$3,388, which gets you the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Watch Active2 (inclusive of two watch straps), and the Galaxy Buds+. The New York designer’s iconic red, white and navy stripes are featured not only on the devices, but also the admittedly beautiful packaging.

The package also comes with a Thom Browne phone case that’s been cut into two to accommodate the foldable nature of the Galaxy Z Flip.

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A back view of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne edition.

A back view of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne edition.

In comparison, a slightly less fashionable Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Buds+ will set you back about S$2,578.

The Thom Browne influences don’t just stop at the exterior. Browne has included a few design details that only fans of his luxury brand will recognise, including his signature blinds opening each time the phone is switched on or off, custom Thom Browne phone wallpapers, and distinctive sound cues, such as the tapping of typewriters and a shoe tap on marble floors.

The Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition also comes with the Galaxy Z Premier Service, which provides customers with 24-hour concierge support via Samsung Members App, a one-time screen replacement or repair with a deductible of $180, and maximum of two door-to-door pick-up and delivery service when you need to repair your device. It’s all part of the Thom Browne experience.

Experience the unboxing of the package virtually below.

If you’re a religious Thom Browne fan (or want to subtly flex your fashion prowess), you can mark your calendars for 13 June, which is when the collaboration will go on sale at the Samsung online store. Pre-sales will open from 2 June for UOB Reserve, Privilege Banking, Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite Metal credit cardmembers and Club21 Members. Only 200 sets are available.