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A measured dose of modern masculinity. The Bulgari Man in Black smells almost good enough to drink – it’s a warm front of rum and spices, then an inviting nose of wood and seasoned leather. While the blend is not as discernible at any distance greater than a handspan, it makes up for it in longevity.


Here’s a scent that’s as bright as the bottle it comes in, without any of the edges. Well-paced and exciting, the Bulgari Man Extreme is liberal with the aromaticity of Calabrian bergamot (an orange-lime hybrid), then is reined in with zest from the sharper grapefruit and “greener” cactus. Settles easily into a resilient, sweet sheen that’s fragrant, never cloying.


The refreshing spray of the sea as your speedboat cuts a wave. The summer edition of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue invokes memories of a sun-baked beach holiday, with bergamot and citrus wafting on the breeze. The scent ebbs away like the tide after a few hours, but that’s all you need for an afternoon hitting the surf.


A heady combination of ginger, lavender and base notes of leather in Boss The Scent makes for a potent and characteristic fragrance that’s better suited to cooler climes. Authority, not elegance, is the aim here. Despite its hefty weight, reapplication may be required after a few hours.


Those partial to floral variants of oud (derived from resinous heartwood) will find Gucci Oud an appropriately understated scent that lasts from dawn to dusk. This unisex fragrance loans the profile of flagship perfume Gucci by Gucci, but has muted notes of rose and a muskier, damper presence worked in, thanks to the trees’ Laotian provenance.