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Smart advertisements now know where you are, is that a good thing?

Better location-based tech allows for a more convenient consumer experience.

In the uber slick sci-fi film Minority Report, Tom Cruise enters a store and is welcomed by a hologram that knows his name and prior purchases. Well, that type of on-the-go targeted marketing is here. Thanks to location-based intelligence, your preferences are directly addressed wherever you are, via pop-ups on your phone.

Pilgrim, an app engine operated by Foursquare that zeroes in on a phone’s position, enables apps to send tailored messages based on the products and services available at the location. This is a boon for the busy executive who can be notified, say, upon arrival at the airport, on the least-crowded priority pass lounge; or, upon entering store X, which card to swipe for better rewards.

Street Smart

STREET SMART A hotel app that uses Pilgrim to know its users’ likes, say art, can enhance the travel experience with timely and useful tips.

All this is thanks to Pilgrim’s awareness of about 100 million places globally, offering greater accuracy in sending notifications, compared to similar tech. Right now, it’s partnering select brands, but what it portends is a world of customer experience to make life ever more convenient. The red flag for some? Targeted advertisements.

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