Justin Demein Hot Seat Peak

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]echnological innovations have smartened the home with features such as voice-controlled virtual assistants, stock-taking fridges and remote-controlled window blinds for homes. What’s the next phase in intelligent living?

According to Justin Deimen, individual residences will be connected to form a community – an eco-system created by real-estate developers for a particular group of consumers.

“These developers will also become distributors of content, controlling and disseminating content to a captive audience,” he adds. The group managing partner of Aurora Global Media Capital, which specialises in investing in new media technology and entertainment, predicts that this will be realised in five to 10 years’ time, thanks to aff ordable smart home gadgets.

Information and data from each residence will be analysed to enable more efficient living. Shared grocery purchases and standardised deliveries within a neighbourhood, for example, will help cut costs.

For commercial brands, such setups allow direct access to consumer habits. What distinguishes public and private information will become increasingly hard to define.

“When we buy homes in the future, it’s not just going to be signing the contract for the physical property, but also signing release forms for our privacy,” he adds. “There’ll be a big debate on this, and whether there should be an ‘opt-in or optout’ system. But people are happy to give up privacy, in return for entertainment and convenience.”